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Clinical indications for Loopwheels imageThrough an evidence-led approach, Loopwheels is showing healthcare professionals why its wheelchair wheels can help reduce damaging vibrations wheelchair users experience by up to 70 percent.

The company reviewed existing research to outline what damage vibration causes for wheelchair users, with findings showing that vibrations can cause an array of health problems, such as muscle fatigue, nerve damage and lower back pain.

In response to this, Loopwheels tested its wheelchair wheels and found that they can reduce damaging vibrations by up to 70 percent in the range of 5hz to 13Hz compared to a standard spoked wheel.

From these findings, Loopwheels produced a document, called ‘Clinical Indications for Loopwheels,’ for healthcare professionals and carers to show why its equipment can improve the lives of wheelchair users, meet their needs and contribute positively to their health.

Gemma Pearce, Managing Director at Loopwheels, said: “Our customers have told us that they really want to know that Loopwheels are right for them before committing to buy. By publishing the testing, developing clinical indications and launching a ‘try before you buy’ scheme in the UK, we are helping more of the right people to benefit from these amazing wheels.

“Many people are unaware how debilitating exposure to vibration can be, particularly causing lower back pain and creating fatigue quickly. It prevents people from doing everything that they are capable of.

“Loopwheels can play an important role in helping people manage their lives with less pain and long-term damage.”

Loopwheels’ ‘Try Before You Buy’ scheme enables people in the UK to test the wheels for two weeks for £20, allowing users to see if the product is right for them.

The ‘Clinical Indications for Loopwheels’ document will be launched to a wider audience at Rehacare on the 26th-29th of September, where the company will be exhibiting on stand 6A11.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Loopwheels are wheels with integral suspension which are proven to help with the problems associated with vibrations in wheelchairs.

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