Invacare Birdie Evo imageThe newly-launched Birdie Evo family of mobile hoists from Invacare have been designed to offer a high feature-set of options alongside new technologies to provide maximum comfort and security when lifting or transferring a patient to or from a bed, chair or the floor.

The hoists also provide carers with a comfortable solution by allowing them to have a comfortable arm extension during transportation activities.

Some of the key features include:

  • Sling Hook Design – A new ergonomic hook design on the fixed spreader bar allows the loop on the sling to be attached with just one hand. A wider hook makes positioning loops easier, whilst preventing slings sliding out unintentionally, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Curved Design of Boom and Spreader Bar – The curved design facilitates an uninterrupted field of vision to enable carers to maintain eye contact with clients throughout the duration of a transfer.
  • Ergonomic Push Bar – The ergonomic design of the push bar makes handling and manoeuvring easier. Due to the increased depth of the handles, carers can also work with comfortable arm extension during transportation activities.

The Birdie Evo is also available in the Birdie Evo Compact version for easy operation where space is limited and the Birdie Evo X PLUS provides care for plus-sized clients.

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For more information about Invacare’s patient handling rage, visit the website 

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