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Claiming to “revolutionise” the mobility vehicle user experience, BattBoost is an add-on that strives to eliminate battery issues in mobility devices by increasing their travel range and usage time.

Suitable for mobility scooters, powerchairs and electric wheelchairs, BattBoost can be fitted safely, quickly and easily in seconds. Fitting is tool-free, and there is no need to replace or remove the original mobility vehicle’s batteries. It can be placed under the device’s seat, in a basket, on the armrest, or on the rear of the seat.

Incorporating lithium power, BattBoost automatically provides additional power for the mobility device as and when required, significantly increases travel range and usage time, while at the same time maintains optimised charge of the mobility device’s batteries, according to the firm.

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The inventor, Ian Gray, developed BattBoost to address head-on the problems that he says can not only be very frustrating and stressful to the mobility vehicle user but can also put a person off from owning or using a mobility device altogether.

Ian commented: “Owning and using a mobility vehicle shouldn’t be a stressful experience, but a positive one, adding freedom to the user’s life. However, the many problems that can be caused by the mobility vehicle’s batteries can limit their freedom and cause unnecessary stress for the user, leading in many cases to ‘range anxiety’.

“BattBoost not only significantly increases the travel range of the mobility vehicle, but also gives the vehicle an extra ‘power boost’ as and when needed, for example on inclines, whilst at the same time maintaining optimised charge of the mobility vehicle’s batteries.”

BattBoost imageIan also trained as a chartered physiotherapist, and this background helped highlight another common problem mobility equipment users face.

He explained: “Mobility scooter battery packs are commonly 15-20kg in weight and often very awkward to remove for charging. This can result in the user experiencing physical pain and injury, or even a refusal to purchase a mobility scooter in the first place due to the susceptibility to injury or simply the inability to lift the battery pack.

“The BattBoost is a quarter the size of a battery pack, weighs less than 2kg, is very easily removable and is usually all that is required to be removed and charged (using the supplied Lithium charger), without the need to remove the heavy bulky mobility scooter battery pack for charging.

“So not only does the BattBoost significantly increase mobility vehicle travel range and usage time, provide an extra power boost when needed, maintain optimised battery charge, it also reduces the susceptibility to injury and increases the possibility of a person considering the purchase of a mobility vehicle in the first place.”

The BattBoost is supplied with a Lithium charger, storage bag, discharge cable, quick-release attachment straps, carry handle and user manual.

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