OXSIGHT Epsom glasses image
Credit: AV Magazine

OXSIGHT, a newly launched assistive technology company, has modified Epson smart glasses to aid people who are blind or visually impaired overcome the problems with social isolation and enhance their existing vision.

The partnership created smart glasses that assist people with peripheral vision loss (or tunnel vision). The glasses use a combination of augmented reality and image interpretation technology to improve the quality of people’s existing eyesight.

Controlled by a handheld device, the glasses are fitted with a camera which streams a live feed into two high-resolution video displays. These screens are placed directly in front of the user’s eyes and the images produced are manipulated to fit into the user’s area of useable vision.

The OXSIGHT glasses feature seven different modes, such as: increased image contrast, super colour mode, textmode, edge enhancement, inverted colour, and a digital zoom to allow users to magnify objects and obstacles.

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To celebrate the global launch of OXSIGHT at the end of February 2019, eye health specialists and technology pioneers came together to discuss how to spread awareness of the latest vision technology innovations available.

During the event, people were also able to trial OXSIGHT’s smart glasses devices, as well as speak to existing OXSIGHT users.

Rakesh Roshan, CEO of OXSIGHT, told AV Magazine: “Globally, it is estimated that around 1.3 billion people live with some form of visual impairment. According to the World Health Organisation, 188.5 million have mild visual impairment, 217 million have moderate to severe visual impairment and 36 million people are blind.

“Loneliness and social isolation are often cited as consequences of visual impairment. However, recent research suggests that these are not inevitable consequences of sight loss but occur as a result of a number of factors, including difficulties with everyday functional activities.

“Products such as those developed at OXSIGHT have the potential to change lives for the better and it is that knowledge that continues to fuel our passion for continuing to develop innovative and life enhancing products.”

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