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Healthcare technology company Komodo Healthcare has launched a “game-changing” 4-in-1 electronic hygiene chair, which aims to improve the dignity and independence of those with reduced mobility, while increasing safety for single-handed caregivers.

The Komodo Chair combines a stand-alone toilet/commode, a stand and assist raiser, a shower chair and electronic variable height.

This solution has already received positive feedback from occupational therapists (OTs), who have praised how easy and effective the chair is at carrying out routine hygiene tasks, while improving the quality of life of both caregivers and users.

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Komodo Healthcare was founded with a clear mission: to improve the dignity of individuals and reduce the physical strain on caregivers. The engineer and founder, Steve Corcoran, witnessed the strain caregivers were put under and particularly the back pain caused as his mother was a nurse.

This gave Steve an idea: why not design a versatile chair that can mimic the movements of a human and therefore reduce the strain of lifting and bending on the caregiver, whilst being stable and comfortable for the user?

Countless hours of research and development have gone into the patent-protected movement mechanism that underpins the design of the chair, Komodo Healthcare underlines. The mechanism was designed to mimic the movements of an individual, therefore feeling familiar and safer for the user.

Four independent actuators facilitate a smooth transition as a stand assist, reducing the need to lift. This combined with the height adjustability means the chair can mimic the motion of an individual standing up to help re-engage leg muscles.

Electronic variable height makes hygiene and cleaning far more accessible and dignified, while allowing independence for users to carry out independent tasks. The shower recline function is stable, secure, and comfortable, allowing showering and other hygiene tasks to be carried out with ease.

Sales Director Tom Reaney said: “Combining 4 products into 1 in such a way has significant benefits, making a seamless experience for the caregiver when carrying out hygiene tasks, but also increasing the quality of care, due to the need for only one chair.

“On our demonstrations so far, Occupational Therapists have been really impressed with how easy and efficient the chair makes routine hygiene tasks and they can clearly see how the chair can enhance the quality of life for both end-user and caregiver.”

By enabling easier single-handed cleaning, with no need for physical strain on the caregiver, dignity is significantly maintained too. The features and accessories of the chair, including the lightweight aluminium frame, swing-away footrests, headrest and armrests are designed with comfort and safety in mind.

Komodo Healthcare is looking to supply its new chair directly to care homes, at-home care providers and occupational therapists.

To request a demonstration of the chair, visit the company’s website 

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