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Music for Dementia 2020, a national campaign aiming to make music more accessible for people with dementia, is launching a free Musical Map for Dementia, which will highlight nationwide dementia-friendly musical activities and services.

The national campaign has been working with BBC Music Day to highlight the power music can have for dementia patients, as well as their families and carers.

Grace Meadows, Programme Director at Music for Dementia 2020 and a senior music therapist, said: “Music for people living with dementia isn’t a nicety, it’s a necessity. I’ve witnessed first-hand the power of music in helping transform people’s lives.

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“In every corner of the country there are talented people delivering musical services that can alleviate the often-distressing symptoms of dementia, such as agitation, apathy and anxiety but it’s vital people know where they are and how to access them.”

A recent study carried out by Belong also reinforced the benefits of music amongst dementia patients, showing that using music enhanced the dementia patients’ cognitive capacity and revealed an increased sense of community amongst previously isolated individuals.

Neil Utley, Founder and Trustee of The Utley Foundation, said: “Our Musical Map for Dementia will open up a whole new world for people living with dementia and those who care for them.

“People affected by dementia and their carers can experience social isolation and loneliness. We know from research that there are fantastic people out there already providing valuable music-based events and services. We are just asking them to tell us where they are and what they are doing so we can help promote their services to the people that need them.”

The national campaign is calling on the 70 organisations involved with BBC Music Day, and other practitioners nationwide, to come forward and submit their details via its website to showcase the range of music services and activities available for people with dementia in the UK.

Music for Dementia 2020 is a national campaign to help make music available for everyone with dementia. It believes dementia patients have the right to music as part of their dementia care.

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