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The Freedom Wing Adapter is a new assistive device that allows powered wheelchair users to control an Xbox Adaptive Controller with the joystick from their chair.

Created by ATMakers, a group of assistive technology makers that want to help the disabled community, The AbleGamers Charity, a charity that aims to improve the overall quality of life for disabled people through the power of video games, and Gra-V Robotics, the Freedom Wing Adapter gives people the power to play video games in a simple way.

The new add-on device connects to the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Revealed last year, the Xbox Adaptive Controller makes the Xbox games console more accessible to disabled people who might not be able to reach all the buttons or hold a controller for a long period of time.

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The Xbox Adaptive Controller allows gamers to plug in their own joysticks, buttons and switches to mimic a standard controller, meaning users don’t have to rely on the default buttons that come with the console and can choose which assistive aids carry out each function.

Now, the Freedom Wing Adapter is giving disabled gamers even more freedom as the device plugs into the Xbox Adaptive Controller and enables people to play games using the joystick on their powerchair, which is already positioned correctly to suit their individual needs.

According to The Verge, the Freedom Wing Adapter is being given out through AbleGamers and people can apply for a grant for the assistive device on AbleGamers’ website.

To learn more about the new assistive controller, watch the short video below:

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