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Jason Ward, CEO of EQL

A new AI-driven physiotherapy assessment tool is to be used at various NHS locations in England for patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) related issues to help improve health outcomes and the patient journey.

EQL, a digital start-up that is part of the NHS DigitalHealth.London accelerator programme, has entered into a new partnership with Circle Health that will see the specialist healthcare company launch EQL’s physiotherapy tool – Phio – across its portfolio of NHS MSK contracts.

As part of the agreement, Phio will be utilised by patients with MSK-related issues at NHS locations in Rushcliffe, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Greenwich.

Accessible 24/7 and available in any language, Phio can complement existing services and is a good alternative for many telephone-based and remote physiotherapy services. It also offers improved patient journeys and has the potential to radically improve health outcomes, say EQL and Circle Health.

In June, EQL launched Phio, initially providing an agile triage tool that signposts users to suitable MSK care pathways. EQL is currently developing its Digital Injury Management tool, a solution that will harness artificial intelligence and machine learning to evolve and adapt its behaviour.

The “patient as a partner” approach reduces the need for human intervention, thereby increasing efficiency and fast-tracking patient care.

Circle Health was founded in 2004 by a group of doctors and managers who believed in a fresh approach to healthcare. The company strives to drive better patient experiences and outcomes as well as delivering the best value for money from its NHS contracts.

Dr Ajai Seth, Clinical Chairman for Circle Integrated Care, said: “Phio enables patients to self-manage their musculoskeletal conditions, reducing the need to see a clinician face to face.

“It helps put patients on the correct treatment plan right from the outset, providing them with the tools they need to take ownership of their health. This empowers patient and may stop conditions such as back pain from becoming chronic problems.”

Circle Integrated Care, part of Circle Health, provides community services for NHS patients who have MSK problems.

Jason Ward, CEO of EQL, added: “Circle Health provides its patients with world-class healthcare solutions and we are extremely proud that this industry-leading company has chosen to partner with us on delivering Phio to key areas of the UK.

“Since our recent launch we have witnessed immense interest in this product and we were also proudly chosen as one of 20 high potential start-ups to take part in the NHS DigitalHealth.London’s Accelerator Programme. We are excited for the journey ahead and we look forward to working closely with Circle Health.”

EQL is a start-up that is challenging traditional concepts with innovative technology solutions that are accessible, scalable, cost-effective and designed to eliminate inefficiency.

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