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Digital product consultancy Netsells has partnered with Oxford Brookes start-up HandHeld Health to create a new mobile app to help COVID-19 patients in recovery get back to full fitness.

Many people who have been treated for the coronavirus still have ongoing health problems after they have recovered from the virus, including issues with breathing, mental health problems and other complications.

To help these issues, the new app will develop a personalised rehabilitation plan for each patient, selecting the best exercises and intensity, while factoring any existing conditions or diseases. The app will guide users through the exercises, with ongoing monitoring and engagement to support and motivate progress.

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Currently in development, the rehabilitation app is due to be launched later this summer.

It will be made available to the public free of charge and it is hoped future updates to the app will benefit patients with other respiratory disorders.

HandHeld Health received a £50,000 grant from Innovate UK as part of a £40 million government investment to fast-track new technology in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The team selected Netsells as a strategic technology partner to help design and develop the mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

In addition, the NHS recently announced a new online COVID-19 rehabilitation service for those recovering from the virus. Also due to launch later this summer, the new NHS service will allow patients to have access to a local clinical team who can respond to patients’ queries alongside helpful online exercise tutorials.

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