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Based in Glasgow and helping to keep disabled people mobile, DriveAbility Scotland is the latest driving assessment centre to open as part of the national Driving Mobility charity network.

Driving Mobility coordinates a network of over 20 centres in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, many with outreach facilities, which provide ‘fitness to drive’ and mobility equipment assessments.

Supported by the Department for Transport (DfT), Driving Mobility approved driving instructors (ADIs) and occupational therapists (OTs) guide and support individuals who self-refer or are signposted from the DVLA, Motability, police, and NHS. Every member is committed to enabling people with restricted mobility, so they can remain independent whether driving an adapted vehicle, using assistive equipment, or travelling by accessible transport.

Driving Mobility’s latest centre, DriveAbility Scotland, will now provide services for Scottish people. Previously nearby centres in northern England could not be accessed due to NHS commissioning rules and the DfT having no jurisdiction in Scotland.

The centre has a fleet of dual-controlled cars with various specialist driving and control adaptations, so drivers and passengers can be assessed and given recommendations. A small team is available to offer professional advice, enhanced by clinical expertise, to ensure the best possible outcome for clients. The opening of the centre has been made possible by the support of Allied Vehicles, the respected vehicle adaptation specialist.

Edward Trewhella, CEO of Driving Mobility, is delighted with this new service, as he commented: “DriveAbility Scotland represents an exciting expansion of our driving assessments and a first for the charity. We are continually focused on bringing our services closer to everyone, especially as Driving Mobility’s role is now more vital than ever before. We strive to ensure freedom, inclusivity and safety for all with restricted mobility – now possible in Scotland.”

Charity-funded Driveability Scotland provides the following services to people, of all ages, who have a disability or live with a life-changing condition/injury:

  • Driving assessments
  • Driver/passenger access and seating assessments
  • Specialist driving tuition
  • Recommendations regarding accessible vehicles and adaptations

Gerry Facenna, owner of Allied Vehicles Group in Glasgow, has stepped in to help save the city’s only facility providing driving assessments for disabled drivers. He is donating a total of £7,500 to DriveAbility Scotland, part of national charity Driving Mobility, which oversees all such centres in the UK.

“We are proud to have been manufacturing wheelchair accessible vehicles for nearly 30 years, helping to ensure the independence of people with disabilities,” said Gerry. “Hopefully this funding, which will be delivered over the next five months, will give DriveAbility Scotland breathing space to look to its longer-term stability”.

Gerry’s donation through his company’s charity arm, Allied Vehicles Charitable Trust, has highlighted funding disparities for these facilities in Scotland and across the UK.

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