Phonak, a global provider of hearing instruments and wireless communication solutions, has announced the launch of a new audiology blog.

embracing-holistic-hearing-healthcareThe new channel will feature blog posts on the latest topics in audiological research, scientific evidence and clinical best practice from Phonak, giving hearing care professionals the opportunity to interact with the blog community.

As an integral part of the official Phonak website, short and easy-to-read blog posts will be offered in six categories: Family-Centered Care, Evidence, Technology, Pediatrics, Clinical Practice and Other.

For those interested, the posts will contain links to more in-depth information, such as journal articles, scientific evidence and interviews.

Ora Buerkli, Vice President Global Audiology at Phonak, said: “With the Audiology Blog, it was our ambition to offer hearing care professionals a quick and easy way to keep informed about our audiological activities, as well as new perspectives and insights from experts around the world.”

Many audiologists from within and outside the organisation will be invited to share their knowledge and expertise with the global audiology community on a more personal level. Optimised for mobile use, the blog allows all users to keep up to date even on the go.

To find out more, visit the new blog HERE

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