Smartbox Grid Pad 10s image

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) provider Smartbox Assistive Technology has launched Grid Pad 10s, a high-performance communication aid that will give disabled children and adults a voice.

Grid Pad 10s will join the range of Grid Pad devices designed and manufactured by Smartbox, and it has been built with user independence and durability in mind.

Significantly, the second screen adds a new way to communicate by showing the user’s message on the front of their device. This aids communication in a range of environments and situations. It could be in a noisy room where the text helps get the users message across or it could be used without audio in a classroom or library.

Dougal Hawes, Managing Director at Smartbox Assistive Technology, said: “Grid Pad 10s is an innovative new addition to our range of devices, offering a portable, communication aid that is robust, versatile and powerful.”

An Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD hard drive make it the fastest 10-inch AAC device available in the assistive technology market. Versatile access and positioning options make Grid Pad 10s suitable for a wide range of complex needs.

An impact-resistant magnesium-alloy chassis makes the Grid Pad 10s case “incredibly strong”, protecting it from everyday knocks and bumps. The chassis also provides significant thermal conductivity, removing heat from the processor without the need for any fans or openings, making the device water- and dust-resistant (IP54 rated). Grid Pad 10s has also been drop tested to one metre.

The 10-inch antiglare screen is made with toughened glass, which has been optically bonded to the display panel, protecting it against impacts and scratches. Extra strong ports have been used throughout to avoid damage, and rubber bungs add extra protection. The internal components have been carefully secured in place so there is no movement inside the device, making it shock-proof and ensuring the best quality audio, according to Smartbox.

Grid Pad 10s is powered by Smartbox’s Grid AAC software. Grid is designed for anyone with complex communication or access needs and includes a wide range of resources from powerful communication tools for text users, to resources for communicating with symbols and developing literacy. Grid also includes a range of accessible apps to help users get online, use social media, listen to music, change the channel on TV and more.

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