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Oticon has announced its new “essential” hearing aid, Oticon Ruby, which provides reliable rechargeability, great sound quality and performance, a new feedback management system and wireless connectivity.

Designed to improve sound quality and a user’s overall hearing aid experience, the Oticon Ruby SuperShield feedback management system analyses incoming sound levels, identifies feedback risk and quickly prevents whistling before it occurs.

With the new hearing aid, wearers can hug, talk on the phone, or travel in their car without the whistling traditional hearing aids are prone to.

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It also features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a reliable charger that can provide a full day of power in around three hours. A thirty-minute recharge can keep Oticon Ruby powered for up to an additional six hours.

Additionally, Oticon Ruby includes 2.4GHz Bluetooth low energy technology to efficiently connect with, and clearly stream from, TVs, computers and smartphones via ConnectClip. Users can stream music, watch videos, take calls and more, enjoying stereo sound to both ears free from unwanted noise.

Oticon Ruby can also be paired with multiple TV adapters so that users can easily switch to streaming high-quality audio from the TV of their choice in their home.

Oticon Ruby image

“As we develop new, pioneering technology, we look to ensure that as many hearing aid users as possible reap the benefits,” said Thomas Behrens, Chief of Audiology at Oticon. “With Oticon Ruby we provide a wealth of features, which have never before been seen in one complete essential solution.

“Combining the best sound quality that we have ever provided in the essential category with lifestyle enhancing features such as rechargeability and a plethora of connectivity options, Oticon Ruby users can enjoy a device that not only works but also improves their everyday life.”

Oticon Ruby behind-the-ear styles join the existing Oticon Siya in-the-ear styles to complete the Oticon essential portfolio.

Based on Oticon’s newest, powerful chipset, Oticon Ruby offers great sound quality and includes a range of innovative technologies, including the SuperShield feedback management system, Noise Reduction LX, Multiple Adaptive Directionality LX, Single Compression LX, Wind noise management, and Tinnitus SoundSupport. Oticon Ruby is also available as a CROS/BICROS solution.

For more details about Oticon Ruby, which will be made available in the UK at the end of April 2020, visit: https://www.oticon.global/professionals/products/hearing-aids/ruby

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