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Moving away from a traditional dedicated pump and dynamic mattress system, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has developed mattress and cushion options that are compatible with both the Theia Digital and Eros Dial pumps.

The Theia and Eros dynamic pressure area care family has been developed with flexibility and choice in mind, providing multiple system combinations to meet clinical needs.

With greater emphasis across industry guidance being placed on training and service standardisation, Drive has designed a completely interchangeable system that reduces clinical training on multiple dedicated pumps and dynamic systems. It also reduces risks associated with medical devices in use due to standardised training and competency programmes.

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According to the CQC, the standardisation of equipment and the implementation of a standard competency-based training programme helps to minimise errors and increase patient safety.

Providing 2:1 alternating therapy, the initial product release includes a Mattress Overlay, an Air on Foam Mattress and an Air on Foam cushion that are all compatible with the Theia Digital and the Eros Dial pumps.

Drive says that it is also planning future surfaces to add to the range, including a Full Air Mattress, a Hybrid Mattress and a Hybrid Cushion.

Graham Turner, Vice President for International Product Management and Marketing at Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, commented: “We are delighted to launch this exciting range of dynamic systems; the Theia and Eros offer choice and flexibility whilst delivering cost benefits without compromising on clinical outcomes. The ability to ‘step up’ or ‘step down’ the surface to meet clinical needs was an important consideration when developing these products.”

Theia and Eros are also fully compliant with the requirements for medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems used in the home healthcare environment standards EN60601-1-11.

The requirements of EN60601-1-11 address the uncontrolled electrical installations of the home environment, the lack of formal training of the lay operator, and their level of education.

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