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A new resource has been released by the Pressure Ulcer Prevention Advisory Board aimed at care providers on identifying pressure ulcer risk to be able to implement effective prevention strategies.

The informative guide aims to tackle the issue of pressure ulcers in the healthcare sector, which affects both care providers and patients.

Entitled ‘Implementing Early Identification of Increased Risk of Pressure Ulcer in Care Pathways’, the free resource was supported by an educational grant from pressure ulcer prevention specialist BBI Europe.

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The guide says that identification of increased risk of pressure ulcers is the starting point and that an appropriate care plan should then be put into place before any sign of pressure ulcers is visible.

To build on national and international guidelines for identification of risk and early intervention, as well as support clinical staff in this process, the Pressure Ulcer Prevention Advisory Board have developed an algorithm using a simple framework that can be used alongside local policies and form the basis of local preventative care pathways – The Early Identification Strategies Toolbox.

Chapters within the new resource include:

  • Early Identification of Pressure Ulcer Risk and Early Intervention
  • Escalation Strategies for Early Identification of Increased Risk of Pressure Ulcers
  • Implementation Based Practice: What Does Good Look Like

To download the new toolbox for free, click here 

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