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North East-based health tech startup FloKi Health has developed new technology to enable the GPS tracking of medical equipment outside of hospitals and in the local community.

Recognising the increased need for medical equipment during the current coronavirus pandemic, FloKi has expanded on its existing Bluetooth technology product to track and locate loan equipment in the local community.

Hosted through Google, FloKi’s Bluetooth beacon technology with integrated GPS tracking enables the quick location of medical equipment so that NHS staff can identify what they need and where it is.

Medical professionals can use the innovative technology on top of their own asset management platform, specifically designed for NHS Trusts to find equipment as well as monitor and manage what is on hospital wards.

The new technology will allow healthcare professionals to track devices such as bladder scanners and ultrasounds. The equipment can also be marked for repair and maintenance, if needed.

Fenwick Smith, Chief Executive at FloKi, said: “We’ve been creating and developing our Bluetooth beacon platform for three years and we’d already considered the option to locate community loan equipment before the pandemic hit.

“Noticing the strain that coronavirus was, and still is, having on the NHS, we pulled our plans forward to integrate this new element. With our GPS tracking in place, NHS staff can locate the equipment they need to save both time and money but it could also help to save lives.”

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