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Flexel is introducing into the UK Fit Grips, ergonomic, high-endurance rubber grips for wheelchair handrims.

Available in two styles, Comfort and Pro, the accessories are a stylish, functional, and long-lasting upgrade from cold, slippery handrims that come standard on most wheelchairs.

Slick metal hand rims require more hand dexterity than many patients with spinal cord injuries have, and while permanently coated hand rims work well, they tend to break down and create sharp gouges that can cut the user’s hands.  Users often go so far as to modify their handrims with Therabands or tape, or opt to wear gloves to improve traction and insulate hands from a metal handrim that is subjected to extreme temperatures, as well as dirt and grime.

Josh George, 5-time Paralympic medalist and co-founder of Intelliwheels, noticed this issue, and began developing a product to improve handrim grip and comfort while reducing hand strain.

The Comfort model fits easily onto standard wheelchairs, while the Pro model is ideal for ultralight chairs and is made for more rugged, outdoor use. The products were creating using continual feedback from a wide range of wheelchair users with a wide variety of needs. Both models fit on standard adult sized 24”, 25”, or 26” wheels and are available in three colours (Jet Black, Caribbean Blue Water, and Red Tulip), with more colours being released continually. As an added bonus, the Fit Grips are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Call 01280 704141. The website is at

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