Sit & Heat wheelchair heaters image

Sit & Heat wheelchair heaters imageBuilding on the technology it has developed for stadium and arena seat heating systems, Sit & Heat UK has announced the launch of its new wheelchair heaters in the UK.

Helping wheelchair users remain warm and comfortable in their chair in cold, outdoor environments, such as at sporting events, weddings in cold churches or sitting outside in the garden, the company’s Founder Jorg Rijkschroeff said he wanted to create a solution that would provide heat and comfort, without wasting too much energy.

The wheelchair heaters incorporate a luxurious faux leather cover on the backrest and the cushion is upholstered with high-quality foam consisting of two different density layers, providing added comfort and pressure-relieving qualities during extended use.

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Speaking to Steve Dean from Sit & Heat UK, he told AT Today: “I have a few dear friends that have to use wheelchairs and they always get cold in the winter and even during cool summer evenings. It was this that prompted us to start incorporating/developing our system into a wheelchair heating system.”

Emphasising that the heating elements within the cushions are waterproof carbon mats that are powered by a high capacity rechargeable battery, the cushions are designed to isolate a user’s heat as soon as they sit down on the cushion.

According to Sit & Heat, the feature helps to save energy whilst simultaneously enabling users to stay warm and comfortable.

“The power/heating time is based on which heat setting you use ie four hours for low heat and two hours for high heat,” Steve added.

“If people wish to always run the high setting we would recommend having a second battery thus giving 4 hours on high heat.”

Wheelchair users can adjust the heat within the cushion, tailoring the heat output to meet their needs and ensuring they don’t get too hot or too cold.

Sit & Heat wheelchair heaters image

Available with three different models of the wheelchair heaters to choose from, including:

  • Basic Model: This model has heating in the backrest only and does not come with a seat pad (an integral seat pad is available by special order). Complete with 3000 mAh battery and charger.
  • Luxe Model: The deluxe model has heating element in both the seat and backrest, with three heat settings, and does not have a sensor in the seat for automatic on and off. Complete with 6400 mAh battery and charger.
  • Luxe Model Plus: The deluxe model has heating element in both the seat and backrest, with three heat settings. It also has a sensor in the seat pan to automatically turn on when the user sits on the seat and turn off automatically when unoccupied. Complete with 6400 mAh battery and charger.

The on/off and temperature control switches within the heaters are fully waterproof and all of the cushions are powered by high capacity 12V rechargeable batteries with all electrical components being waterproof.

The base of the seat pan has an anti-slip surface and, according to Sit & Heat, the whole system can be easily removed without tools and folded for easy storage and transportation.

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