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An innovative new balance board has been launched by rehabilitation specialist Neofect, which aims to make lower limb rehabilitation more fun and engaging for a wide variety of patients.

Neofect Smart Balance emphasises core strength and lower body stability to practice balance and posture through interactive training games. It is designed to be used in healthcare environments and for temporary use at home whilst the patient undergoes rehabilitation.

Patients recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or other musculoskeletal disorders can all benefit from the using the innovative device.

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A portable device, Neofect Smart Balance tracks foot positioning, weight distribution and body posture through the sensor plate and Bluetooth-enabled chest strap. These sensors mimic motions and engage the user with 3D augmented reality-style training games targeting balance and posture control.

Neofect Smart Balance image

Additionally, the anti-slip, waterproof sensor plate can be removed from the stability frame for static or dynamic balance training while sitting or standing. It’s also sensitive enough to monitor gait patterns and step pressure.

The balance board’s user interface translates complex data into intuitive audiovisual feedback, which encourages the user to adjust their posture and weight distribution throughout play. Game parameters can be changed according to user position, speed, or time, and automatic level controls can be adjusted according to patient accomplishments.

Scott Kim, Co-Founder and CEO of Neofect USA, told Business Wire: “For the past decade we’ve focused on hand and upper arm rehabilitation, but we’ve always wanted to create more engaging and measurable therapy for patients who need to recover leg function — whether that’s relearning how to walk or regaining range of motion and confidence.

“With Neofect Smart Balance, games like ‘Rock Band’ prompt users to move their feet, in this case to the beat of a song. Patients are physically and cognitively challenged and can also have fun while rehabilitating.”

Importantly, the results from Neofect Smart Balance are trackable, as the device evaluates and generates report for healthcare providers and patients. These results can be exported or printed, compared by date, and sorted by posture type, making the device helpful for healthcare professionals monitoring their patient’s progress.

Neofect Smart Balance image

This year, Neofect Smart Balance was also recognised as a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree.

This is not the first time one of Neofect’s rehabilitation products has been recognised at an awards ceremony. In June 2018, the South Korean company’s RAPAEL Smart Glove and Smart Pegboard won awards at the Blackwood Design Awards 2018 under the categories of ‘Best Aids and Equipment’ and ‘Best Accessible Technology’, respectively.

Both of these products help stroke patients engage in fun and interactive rehabilitation through the use of games, providing a more intuitive alternative to traditional stroke rehabilitation methods.

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