Ottobock Juvo mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair image

Ottobock UK has launched a new addition to its Juvo powered wheelchair range — a mid-wheel drive version, aiming to provide more support and stability for users.

The new powerchair combines reliability, safety and design, but with a tighter turning circle, says Ottobock.

According to the company, its torsion drive system will give users a smoother and more stable ride than conventional mid-wheel drive chairs, with a reduced rocking motion when going up kerbs and when stopping and starting.

Additionally, the new vario-adjustable seat option offers width adjustment for those who need of more side support and an anti-sheer recline system to keep support where it is needed.

Simon Tempest, Head of Business Unit, Human Mobility, Ottobock, said: “Our front and rear wheel drive Juvo chairs are incredibly popular with our customers, and we felt it was a natural progression to offer a mid-wheel drive version as well.

“The torsion drive system has been created just for this chair, offering comfort, safety, reduced rocking and overall, a much smoother user experience.”

Designed to give people with varying medical needs the opportunity to have a tailor-made chair, the Juvo range is suitable for a wide range of conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease, Spina Bifida and spinal injuries.

Available in a variety of colours, Ottobock believes that this will allow users to express their identity through a customised powerchair.

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