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Helping provide hassle-free transportation for people with reduced mobility, a new innovative mobility service model is looking to transform travel for mobility device users by combining clever mobility products with rental, repair and mobility management services.

WHILL – the company behind the Model Ci and Model A Intelligent Personal Electric Vehicles (EVs), and Scootaround – a leading personal transportation solutions company, have announced the merger of both companies to evolve personal mobility and transportation.

With a shared vision to form a worldwide platform for assistive devices and provide a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) model that can be implemented everywhere, WHILL and Scootaround aim to improve the current travel landscape for mobility device users by increasing their freedom and independence.

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MaaS is defined as the integration of various forms of transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand.

The new MaaS model implemented by WHILL and Scootaround will combine WHILL’s intuitive Personal EVs, which can easily manoeuvre indoors and tackle rugged terrains, with Scootaround’s worldwide rental, repair and mobility management services.

It aims to provide a completely seamless travel experience for mobility users in large venues and urban areas.

“Our partnership with Scootaround is a huge step towards evolving the worldwide mobility transportation industry,” said Satoshi Sugie, Founder and CEO of WHILL. “We are taking WHILL’s technology – unlike any other mobility technology out there – and combining it with the best mobility and rental service from Scootaround to create a world that will help people with mobility issues increase their independence and experience the world as they would like, free from any past mobility constraints.”

“We are very active in the mobility market and joining forces with WHILL and its cutting- edge mobility technology was a progressive move to meet the market demand for enhanced service and superior products,” commented Kerry Renaud, CEO and Managing Director of Scootaround. “Together, we are allowing someone who requires a form of mobility assistance to travel seamlessly from their origin to final destination – whether that be at the airport, at their hotel, residence, resort, and so on.”

WHILL is available in the UK from leading mobility scooter specialist TGA Mobility.

Daniel Stone, Managing Director of TGA Mobility, commented: “These are exciting times to be involved with a company like WHILL, who are looking to change perceptions in the mobility market and how the market operates.”

“These plans are ambitious and this kind of software takes a lot of development. We will look to see how trials in North America go and look to see what we can learn and potentially bring to the UK.”

Since its inception in 2012, WHILL has been on a mission to transform the traditional wheelchair and scooter experience. With innovative design, WHILL created a new category of Intelligent Personal Electric Vehicles (EVs) to increase user confidence and independence.

Scootaround offers rental, sales, and repair services for mobility devices at over 2,500 locations, with a network of associates and dedicated locations across North America and Europe.

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