“Conventional E-learning did not appear to be the desired intended approach as that just appeared to test the theory side of things. More was needed, hence the idea of the system was born.”

A new and unique online training and risk management system in the field of manual handling and ergonomics has been launched.

DeborahDeborah Harrison of A1 Risk Solutions says that the company has developed the new tool to support organisations focused on the added value of training and supporting staff, reducing the risk of injury to the handler and person within their care.

She says that the system is superior to any e-learning programme on the market that relates to manual handling and is the only system of its kind that is research and evidence based.

Deborah told us: “The system provides a simple to use, comprehensive package of learning material, including video and written instruction as well as a testing centre. Users can refresh their techniques and knowledge of a vast array of procedures relating to Manual Handling and test their skills, whilst administrators of the system can monitor progress of all users through the reporting centre, accessible within the system.”

The system provides a wealth of information across all competency levels for staff working in the health, social care and educational sectors and contains:

  • Over 300 instructional training videos
  • Risk assessments templates and safe systems of work templates accompanying every video
  • Virtual mentor system
  • Test centre where the access a range of questions and videos culminating in a score and certificate
  • Learners area, where they can access the relevant e-work books whether people handling or load
  • Trainers area, train the trainers packages, theory books and power point presentations

The system has a variety of manual handling areas, addressing:

  • Adult with complex needs
  • Paediatric/Children’s handling
  • Plus Size/ Bariatric handling
  • Ergonomics and display screen equipment
  • Load handling

According to Deborah, the whole system is continually developing, providing regularly up-to-date training and learning information, as well as the construction of new training and learning areas within manual handling and risk assessment.

On the development of the system, Deborah explained: “Three years ago the NHS and social services sector were demanding cuts across the board; an easy way to cut expenditure was to slash the training by half. This resulted in many organisations and several of my peers being forced down alternative routes of training including e-learning, or reducing the frequency of training to two or three years. However, this was done with no additional support in place, therefore increasing the risks for patients, staff and the organisations from a litigation viewpoint.”

She added: “Conventional E-learning did not appear to be the desired intended approach as that just appeared to test the theory side of things. More was needed, hence the idea of the system was born. I sought advice from my local enterprise scheme that gave me some advice and persuaded me to apply for their regional dragon’s den award. The concept made it through and won the support of the business mentoring service.”

Deborah told us that further support has been gained from the awards of grants from the European funding sector digital technology and the Manchester corridor Growth Fund, enabling further system development and functionality to be added as well and the research into the project.

Initially trained and qualified as a nurse, Deborah has since trained and gained additional qualifications in Manual Handling, Vocational Rehabilitation and Ergonomics. She is a member of the National Back Exchange Group.

For more information, visit the website HERE

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