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Medequip, which provides community equipment services, has partnered with stairclimber specialist AAT to offer unique solutions to home access.

This new partnership sees Medequip quickly deliver an AAT Stella stairclimber directly to a client’s home to enable them to remain safe, mobile and independent.

The Stella can be supplied within a matter of days, with AAT saying this avoids the “inevitable” week- or month-long waits with stairlifts and through-floor lifts. This leads to speedy hospital discharges due to the quick deployment of this assistive equipment.

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The arrangement is already being proven in practice, with the first AAT Stella stairclimber with universal back delivered directly to a client by Medequip on behalf of a local authority occupational therapy team.

Medequip’s retail and promotions manager Alex Roberts explained: “We pride ourselves on our determination to go beyond to meet customer needs, to work with our prescribers and a nationwide network of suppliers and manufacturers, to provide innovative ways to enable people to remain in, and use, their homes. It’s the right thing to do.

“The request we had from one of our prescribers perfectly demonstrates that: AAT’s universal back is a product that has only just been launched and not widely available through conventional channels.

“The arrangement we have with AAT meant we were able to quickly and cost-effectively empower what we hope will be the first of many people to either remain at home after a mobility-limiting event, or accelerate their safe discharge from hospital.”

As part of the new partnership, AAT provides full operator training.

The combination of the Sella with the new, innovative universal back means there is an off-the-shelf ‘one fits all’ solution to the problem of enabling someone who has reduced mobility to access all levels of their home.

Offering an affordable solution, AAT says its stairclimbers can be provided under mobility aids or minor works funding and, once purchased, can be re-issued time and again with a bespoke fit, without the need for additional accessories once each user no longer needs it.

CE-marked and Medical Device Class 1 certified, AAT stairclimbers can accommodate a large range of shapes and sizes, from paediatric to obese (230kg) passengers. They can also accommodate narrow and spiral flights of stairs.

Options include an integral seat, eliminating the need for a wheelchair indoors, or can clip-fix to a wheelchair if preferred.

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