Spectra_Hygiene_ChairDesigned exclusively for use with the Clos-o-mat Palma Vita Shower toilet and developed in conjunction with Clos-o-mat, the Spectra Personal Hygiene chair brings a new level of comfort and efficiency for the shower commode chair/Clos-o-mat user.

The innovative, patented, design allows the seat to be manually lowered onto the toilet bowl. This lowering action is achieved with a handle which the user or carer can operate, and with which the weight of the user acts as a unique counter-balance. The handle can be specified for either side, or both sides of the chair dependent on the clients need or space restrictions.

A uniquely moulded seat base coupled with the design of the lowering mechanism overcomes the limitations of conventional seat/sleeve combinations. The washing effectiveness is improved but the biggest benefit is felt in the drying facility. Soft polyurethane inserts make the seat comfortable and easy to clean.

The Personal Hygiene Chair also has inbuilt height adjustability to enable it to be used with new, or existing, Clos-o-mat Palma Vita installations, without the need for costly adaptations.

For further information contact Aidservice on 01942 495012 Or Clos-o-mat on 0800 374876

The website is HERE

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