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Steeper Group, a supplier of assistive technology, aims to set new standards in the assistive technology industry when it comes to home automation with its new evo+ app, which aims to give users flexibility and choice.

evo+ has been developed to turn any smart device into a universal environmental home control device. The app strives to give flexibility and freedom to users as it reduces the time spent doing daily activities and encourages them to spend more time on what they enjoy doing.

Its design is focused around individual requirements as during installation and maintenance, the app’s functions will be configured according to specific daily requirements and personal preferences.

Mark Davies, Rehabilitation Services Director at Steeper, said: “It’s very exciting for us to launch evo+. The new app is more responsive, reliable and stable, which is vitally important for users in their homes.

“By introducing the additional personalisation aspects, we truly believe it will become a prominent feature for users.”

The ability to integrate with peripherals around the home means a user’s current controls, such as door openers and intercom systems, can be configured with evo+ or a new home control solution installed completely to work alongside.

In addition, colour themes and icon size can be adjusted, with pre-recorded icon instructions and multiple access options to ensure all functions are clearly visible and easily used.

Jon Clayton, an experienced home control user, commented: “The ability of evo+ is a huge breakthrough, giving me more control and versatility.

“What has come with this is more independence, which to me is very important. As I have little control of many things in my life, having the mere choice of choosing multiple channels and controls is tremendous.”

The app is fully integrated with Apple iOS, so whenever a new update is released, clients will be prompted to update the app straight away to ensure it remains a reliable and efficient solution.

Established in 1921, Steeper is a manufacturer of prosthetic, orthotic and assistive devices.

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