Credit: Suffolk Free Press

Suffolk-based Sudbury Community Health Centre has announced that it will open a new private physiotherapy clinic in the near future, which aims to address the issues brought about by the ageing population in the area.

Initially open for two days a week, the clinic will be led by Physiotherapist James Leathers.

The new physiotherapy clinic aims to provide a much-needed service to Sudbury’s residents, which has a large population of people aged 50 and above. James added that he wants to help educate people about conditions that they might not be aware of.

He told the Suffolk Free Press: “Sudbury is a great location, and we have set up links with the local health service.

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“I think these services are extremely important. People are living longer and some of them need that extra little bit of support. If we can prevent someone getting ill, that’s great.

“It’s a big area and the demand is there. From my past experience, there are a lot of local people who require the service, whether they are young or old.”

The clinic will be open on Mondays from 8am to 1pm, and Thursdays between 9.30am and 2.30pm.

Offering a wide range of local healthcare services, the Sudbury Community Health Centre provides state of the art health facilities for people in and around Sudbury.

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