The Propad Revolve is Invacare’s latest cushion innovation, specifically designed for static seating applications in community and nursing care environments.

By incorporating the same, proven foam/fluid technology and materials used in the Flo-tech cushion range, the company says it is able to introduce a flat cushion with the purpose of providing high-level skin protection, mild positioning, and increased comfort to individuals at high risk for skin tissue breakdown.

Propad Revolve Si and Revolve V are versatile 3” cushions that can be positioned any side up without affecting performance and that reduce the risk of incorrect placement. The cushions are ready to use and require no setup or maintenance providing increased flexibility and saving time on seating preparation. Propad Revolve Si features a welded sac divided into four-sections to prevent bottoming out and unwanted migration.

The Propad Revolve V has a 100% visco-elastic foam inner-layer, while the Propad Revolve Si includes a welded, non-temperature sensitive silicone (Si) fluid sac.

For more information, visit the website HERE

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