Ottobock Taleo prosthetic foot image

Using feedback from clinicians and amputees, Ottobock has developed the Taleo foot to meet the specific needs of those who lead active lifestyles and who want a product which provides effortless walking and greater freedom.

One of the first users in the UK to be fitted with the Taleo is world para-triathlon champion Hannah Moore, who says it’s been a perfect fit.

“I live a really active life so the fact that it is able to keep up with all the demands of everything I want to do and when I want to do it, is really great for me,” she said. “I also do a lot of open water swimming so the fact that it is waterproof as well is amazing.”

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With its flexible, dual carbon springs, the IC50 Taleo allows for both a smooth rollover and dynamic gait pattern. Additionally, due to its springy and efficient return of energy at toe-off, users can cover longer distances while changing walking speeds.

Taleo, which is suitable for users weighing up to 150kg, comfortably adapts to the user’s gait due to the flexible connection of the springs at the forefoot, which ensures stable and comfortable walking on uneven or hilly terrain.

In addition, Taleo comes with a broad range of heel wedges which the can improve the comfort at heel strike by individually tailoring its shock absorbing properties.

Ottobock promises that walking barefoot for shorter periods is also more comfortable for clients. As the Taleo is protected against fresh, salt and chlorine water, the users can enjoy their hobbies without caution.

The Taleo is also slim, making it easier to create an attractive cosmetic cover; has customisable heel dampening with three different stiffness options; and water runoff channels on the pyramid and drain holes in the foot shell to make it easier to clean.

For prosthetists, there are alignment marks on the foot shell to simplify the bench alignment procedure, and it’s available in sizes from 22cm to 30cm.

Emma Gillespie, Head of Prosthetics at Ottobock, commented: “We’re delighted to add Taleo to the Ottobock carbon foot portfolio alongside Trias and Triton, giving our more active customers a much more responsive walking experience, wherever they choose to go.”

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