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Approved by The CPD Certification Service, Pivotell has launched a variety of professional training videos online for healthcare professionals, covering the assessment and use of its medication dispensers.

The videos are available to view on Pivotell’s website and are useful for installers, healthcare professionals (especially occupational therapists), and family members, demonstrating an understanding of the outcomes which can be achieved by using Pivotell’s assistive technology.

Pivotell provides a range of automatic pill dispensers, which are used in a domiciliary care setting to assist people with cognitive difficulties to comply with their medication regime.

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For those on a complex pill regime, not taking prescribed drugs at the right dose and at the right time can have serious consequences, particularly if they are elderly or vulnerable, notes Pivotell.

The automatic dispensers hold the user’s medication securely and makes it available at the prescribed dosage times, alerting the user to take their medication through an audible alarm and flashing light.

Pivotell’s new online training videos aim to educate healthcare professionals on its pill dispensers and how to assess whether an individual would be suitable for a dispenser, as well as a range of how-to videos to help professionals get to grips with the programming.

The videos are deliberately short, concise and have obvious topics, allowing people to come away and return to the videos when suitable for them.

After healthcare professionals have watched Pivotell’s online training videos, there is then the option for them to gain CPD credits through completing an assessment form.

The assessment covers the criteria which might be used when placing a Pivotell pill dispenser with a client, what is most appropriate for the user’s medication prescription, preferences, and physical and mental capacity.

For individuals who complete the questions to the required standard, Pivotell forwards the answers to The CPD Certification Service which can then award credits to those demonstrating an understanding of the outcomes which can be achieved by using the medication dispensers.

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