Ergolet has launched the Ergo Trainer, a body-weight-supported rehabilitation training aid which the company says has achieved significant clinically proven results.

ErgoErgo Trainer is a weight relief system that can reduce the weight bearing of the patient by up to 85kg (13st) whilst supporting totally whilst training. Designed for stroke survivors and clinically proven to increase both quality and speed of rehabilitation by up to 60%, Ergo Trainer can be used with patients with MS, COP, MD, spinal, sports injuries, prosthetics etc.

Ergo Trainer is for the rehabilitation of gait training, motor function and the strengthening of the muscular system. When used in conjunction with a treadmill it is possible for patients with impaired walking ability to train the correct physiological gait.

The company says that documented results show that a progressive training regime of repetition of movement combined with controlled speed and elevation adjustment of the treadmill, are key factors to successful and lasting patient rehabilitation.

It can be used with different training equipment, e.g. treadmills (BWSTT), step machines, cross-fit machines, ski machines, exercise bikes and floor use and a comprehensive range of walking harnesses and slings are available.

There is a user capacity of up to 200 kg (440 lbs)

Call 0161 477 7900 or visit the website HERE

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