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“We have spent many hours designing and prototyping a number of solutions that we feel will meet the needs of the many professionals and clinicians”

The team at Rise and Recline have been working with healthcare professionals to develop a new seating product designed to solve issues faced by community equipment loan stores and the contract sector.

The company describes the new addition as ‘an ingenious and simple modular design of chair that guarantees to reduce cost and significantly improve the recyclability of the majority of an adjustable chair fleet.’

The aptly named “Versatility” is a modular design of chair that enables a vast number of size variations to be created from one chair.

Managing Director Samantha Langtree told us: “there are a number of significant issues that have been highlighted to us by Loan Store Managers and clinicians within the Local Authority and NHS arenas, ranging from limited longevity, poor recyclability to truly adaptable chairs”.

“We have spent many hours designing and prototyping a number of solutions that we feel will meet the needs of the many professionals and clinicians we have been talking with over the past few months. We found that that there is a significant need for easily adaptable and versatile seating solutions within the clinical element of the healthcare sector and we have also seen the significantly high percentage of wastage in the loan stores and equipment services sector.”

Width variations on the chair vary from 18” to 22”, with the simple addition of a patented width adjustment system.  The company says that this, teamed with seat height variations of 18” to 20”, with a simple height pod system, makes the chair a first of its kind that can be altered on site within a matter of minutes.  In addition, the inner contact surfaces section of the chair is fully detachable for replacement.  The simple, front accessible, lift up duvet enables pressure seating changes to be made on-site as with the postural support, which is also interchangeable.

The modular design enables every part of the chair to be changed, without the need for tools in a matter of minutes.  With all of the parts being universal, any damaged sections can be interchanged to create a compete chair that is ready for use, significantly reducing down time of stock and only the damaged parts needing to be returned for repair.

Samantha added: “This ensures reduced repair costs as only the damaged part of the chair is being fixed instead of the whole product. We believe it is a truly unique concept which help customers to save money on annual budgets.”

For more information on the new product, call 01159 133572, email info@riseandrecline.co.uk or visit the website HERE

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