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Security technology firm SECOM has announced the launch of SECOM Carehub – a new technology-enabled monitoring service with the aim of supporting vulnerable elderly people to maintain independence.

Created in partnership with telecare supplier Chiptech, Carehub ensures vulnerable people are able to keep in contact with friends, family and emergency services at all times.

The standard system includes a SECOM Pearl wearable pendant for use around the home, which can be enhanced with an optional GPS-enabled SECOM Go device that can be worn anywhere. This provides enhanced peace of mind, whether users are enjoying their garden or out and about further afield, and ensures that older people can continue to take part in the community.

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With technology-enabled care playing an increasingly important role in assisting the UK’s ageing population, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic with people following social distancing guidelines and thus having less face-to-face contact, SECOM says its new service will help elderly people maintain contact with friends, family and emergency responders at all times.

According to Age UK, the number of people aged over 85 in the UK is predicted to more than double by mid-2041 to more than 3.4 million.

To help this age group remain independent at home and to help ease pressure off the NHS by avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions, SECOM says more innovative technology solutions to assist this shifting demographic  is a must.

Neil Fitzwalter, Care Technology Manager for SECOM, said: “The SECOM Carehub enables us to be there even when we’re not, and gives both elderly people and their families the peace of mind they need. It also allows people to remain independent for longer and offers them a much higher quality of life by removing worries and keeping them in touch.”

As well as helping people stay in their own homes for longer, effective technology-enabled care and communication solutions can relieve the burden on emergency services and encourage older people to get out and about more, safe in the knowledge they can get help quickly, should they need it.

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According to SECOM, Carehub is easy to install, with spoken instructions, and allows people to choose who to contact should they require help, allowing them to prioritise friends or family.

Additionally, the care technology protects elderly individuals both inside and outside the home.

David Hammond, CEO of Chiptech, commented: “We are delighted to be working with SECOM, a trusted name that is well known for providing superior products and service in personal safety and security.

“Through our partnership, SECOM will be delivering the best in person centred digital Telecare solutions, providing a lifeline to customers both inside and outside the home so they are protected and safe wherever they go.”

When the Pearl pendant is activated, it enables two-way communication via SECOM’s Care App between the wearer and a designated contact, which could be a family member, neighbour or SECOM’s dedicated monitoring team, who can provide direct assistance or call emergency services if required.

Throughout any communication, other contacts are kept up-to-date via their smartphone, offering peace to the user as well as their friends and family.

The Carehub can also be connected to a range of other wireless devices, such as door contacts, smoke detectors, fall sensors and pressure mats. This makes it easy for carers to monitor vulnerable people’s activities and ensure they’re staying safe.

Neil added: “We’ve designed Carehub to ensure it’s easy-to-use and is suitable for people who may have a wide range of requirements. With a large number of connectivity options and additional devices available, including brooches, wrist worn and easy-press buttons for those with less dexterity, it’s easy for anybody to find a Care Tech solution that fits their unique needs.”

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