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Essence Group, a provider of IoT-based telecare solutions for elderly people, has announced a new UK-specific telecare solution set, which combines activity monitoring, fall detection and outdoor monitoring to give elderly people peace of mind.

Having produced connected devices for elderly care, security and healthcare for 25 years, Essence has used its experience in the sector to address the unique needs of the UK TEC (Technology Enabled Care) and independent living sector.

Adapted from its Care@Home technology, the team at Essence SmartCare have created a UK-specific telecare solution set.

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According to the company, the timing for this launch coincides with the growing need to upgrade monitoring solutions post-COVID-19, with social distancing guidelines meaning elderly people are often isolated and unable to access traditional face-to-face care.

Integrating with leading telecare monitoring centre software and a multitude of digitally connected services, Essence SmartCare will be bringing its digital LTE/4G connected care platform to the UK.

The new telecare solution includes multiple communication channels in one hub (4G, 3G, 2G, and ethernet) – so it is suitable for differing needs – and a selection of digital telecare functionality, such as:

  • Care@Home Communicator – this enables elderly people to get help from anywhere in their home by just using their voice
  • Activity monitoring – which learns the regular behaviour patterns of residents, alerting caregivers when abnormal patterns occur
  • Fall detection
  • Outdoor monitoring – this enables elderly people to connect to telecare monitoring services while outside their home, with the fall detection and emergency pendant offering hands-free calls to caregivers

Dr Haim Amir, CEO of Essence Group, said: “We are excited to offer a more bespoke and nuanced set of solutions for the UK market, which offers valuable tools not only to residents, but also to caregivers and care-home management.

“Based on our experience and knowledge of the UK market, we have been able to build an offering that is unparalleled in the current UK Telecare landscape. We have spent considerable effort to integrate our platform with existing telecare monitoring software whilst still offering the same high level of service that our customers expect from Essence SmartCare systems.”

Essence products are already available in the UK through Appello, one of the leading TEC providers.

Essence SmartCare, part of the Essence Group, develops pioneering IoT platforms for healthcare and senior care providers, enabling smart preventive care and emergency response so elderly people can live life to the fullest with added reassurance.

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