aerospacer, matress, medical, MedstromAeroSpacer is a revolutionary reactive therapeutic support system comprising 3D spacer textiles, which are shown to assist in the prevention and treatment of moisture lesions and category I & II pressure ulcers and improve a patient’s microclimate and comfort levels.


·         Is a clinically effective and cost effective new alternative to hybrid foam and powered mattress systems

·         Actively manages microclimate by reducing temperature and moisture at the skin/surface interface

·         Absorbs external and internal shear strain, reducing tissue distortion over bony prominences

·         Provides effective pressure redistribution by partial immersion and envelopment

Effective Microclimate Management

In contrast to foam, gel and air cells, the textiles inside AeroSpacer comprise an open, breathable structure, removing heat and moisture from the skin/surface interface. Independent testing demonstrates how passive body movement circulates air through the mattress, reducing moisture and reducing temperature by up to 8°C at the skin/surface interface. This creates a cooler, dryer environment conducive to preventing moisture lesions. This effect can be accelerated by the introduction of an optional fan.

Effective Shear Reduction

The three layers of 3D spacer textile are formulated with different compression levels that are designed to move independently. As a patient repositions on AeroSpacer, each layer absorbs the shear force by differentially distorting, reducing tissue deformation and the stress on tissue as it moves across bony prominences.

Effective Pressure Redistribution

AeroSpacer’s three independent layers of 3D spacer textile are formulated to enable partial immersion and envelopment, providing effective redistribution of body load, reducing pressure at the skin/surface interface and improving comfort levels.

Cost Effective

Unlike any other mattress on the market, AeroSpacer can be laundered and tumble dried, potentially delivering significant cost savings versus foam mattresses and air overlays that must be disposed of if soiled or damaged.

Anyone looking to hybrid mattresses as a possible route to reducing a reliance on costly dynamic surfaces could also benefit from looking at AeroSpacer as an alternative, both in terms of cost and longevity.

The AeroSpacer range includes a mattress overlay and a mattress replacement with an optional fan.

You can see a video of the product HERE.

For more information on AeroSpacer visit the website HERE, email or call 0845 371 1717.

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