Polymorit Wheellator imageA new mobility product aimed at increasing the independence and freedom of users in airports and other major public access venues has been launched by independent living aids specialist Polymorit.

The Wheellator offers a combination of stability and manoeuvrability alongside the joy of independence, extended travel and the opportunity for clients to regain the confidence to explore. It can also be used in rugged environments.

Polymorit says that, above all, users experience the restoration of dignity with the Wheellator, something which is often denied to those with reduced mobility.

With trials currently underway at Stansted and Manchester Airports, the Wheellator promises to revolutionise the care of people with reduced mobility at airports and other major public access venues.

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The company says its product is a step in the right direction to providing equal access for everybody, regardless of ability.

Andy Wright, Managing Director of Accessible Travel Consultancy Services and an aviation and tourism consultant specialising in enhancing the Passenger with Reduced Mobility (PRM) experience, commented: “The Wheellator is a new PRM innovation which I was recently introduced to. It caught my eye as a piece of equipment that could be utilised by the independent PRM, who doesn’t like to use a wheelchair or buggy, but at the same time would possibly struggle with the distance between check-in and departure gate.

“Equally I felt that it may be suitable for a PRM who had been assisted to airside reception, but then wanted the independence to go for a coffee or to the toilet unaided.”

Since 1983, Polymorit has provided innovative solutions to enhance the lives of those who require extra care or assistance due to reduced mobility or health conditions.

Its product range, which can be viewed on the website, covers independent living aids and healthcare products.

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