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A new website has been launched for ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection), an innovative prevention and self-management solution from H.A.S. Technology.

ARMED combines pioneering predictive analytics modelling (developed with Edinburgh Napier University) with innovative wearable technology, and health and social care data. The care solution is a powerful tool that can identify risks for the elderly, including the risk of falling, earlier in the care cycle.

ARMED provides technology-enabled care solutions to empower people to remain independent in their home for longer. In addition to monitoring the individual, the ARMED wearable device also allows issues to be picked up in the wider home setting, helping improve quality of life.

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Moira Charters, Head of Improvement & Innovation at the Loreburn Housing Association, said: “The ARMED solution has huge and exciting potential to support falls prevention and help identify other risks. It provides our customers, their families and carers, with a tech solution that brings peace of mind while allowing people to live independently at home, for as long as possible. We fitted our customers with the ARMED solution and almost instantaneously we got results.

“The wearable device detects early indicators of frailty, such as low grip strength, muscle mass, hydration levels, low heart rate and heart rate variability. Predictive analytics modelling – developed in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University – then uses data to predict the risk of a potential fall and allow intervention. Examples of this are now demonstrating escalations of risk being identified up to 32 days in advance of previously identified falls.”

ARMED is part of H.A.S. Technology Group, a global provider of cloud-based workforce management and social care technology.

ARMED website image

Brian Brown, Director of ARMED, said: “We are delighted to launch a website specific to our ARMED technology solution.

“Last week, the UK Government confirmed the NHS 10-year strategy and that the £20 billion budget will focus on prevention and early detection. We wholly support the notion of prevention, our technology-enabled care solutions help individuals and their families, Care Providers and the wider community.

“By encouraging self-management and identifying at-risk individuals sooner, there is potential to save millions of pounds from the public purse.”

ARMED offers a range of self-management and prevention solutions that benefit individuals, care and support organisations, housing providers and the wider community.

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