Stiltz 1Domestic lifts specialist Stiltz Lifts has launched a brand new wheelchair-friendly home lift which will be showcased at The Occupational Therapy Show at the NEC Birmingham in November.

The company says that the Trio+ HomeLift is the new ground-breaking addition to the Stiltz range of unique home lifts which has been designed to take a full-sized wheelchair or up to three people. Stitz says that its modern design encompasses both practicality and style, to give a contemporary, elegant look.

The new lift will enable independent occupational therapists to potentially recommend the product during an in-home OT assessment to end users who need to make adaptations to their home to make their lives easier. This can be partially or fully funded depending on the individual’s circumstances by a Disabled Facilities Grant by the Local Government. Local authorities provide funding for around 2,000 wheelchair lifts per year according to figures from the Lift & Escalator Industry Association (LEIA).

The new Trio lift has undergone extensive testing and will fully comply with BS 5900:2012 powered homelifts along with BS EN 81-41 accreditation. There is the option of an automatic door available to allow for ease of entering and exiting the lift car and a gently-angled ramp for easier wheelchair level access. The car body has also been specifically designed for wheelchair users with wider entry and exit points. The overall footprint is just 1040mm x 1378mm.

As with all Stiltz HomeLifts, the new product can be installed in less than a day with no load bearing walls or hydraulics required. The car of the Trio+ is designed in a stylish warm grey aluminium casing with a clear body, which helps it blend seamlessly into customers’ homes.

The lift plugs straight into a normal domestic power socket using minimal power as it travels quietly between floors on self-supporting rails which are discreetly recessed between the slightly wider entrance/exit. The unique thru-car option allows entry and exit from opposite sides giving greater flexibility when choosing a location for the lift.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Stiltz Group, which includes premium homelift brand, Lifton, Mike Lord said: “The new Stiltz lift gives occupational therapists the opportunity to advise and recommend a product such as the Trio+ HomeLift which is a lift-changing mobility solution for wheelchair users.”

“Our new lift enables the user to keep their independence and live a full life in the home they love. It ticks all the boxes required for a local authority Disabled Facilities Grant for those users who desperately need to adapt their homes but do not have the finances. We are confident that once OT’s have seen the Trio+ they will understand why we are so excited to be showcasing it at The OT Show.”

Former British Army corporal Josh Boggi, a triple amputee Invictus Games athlete who as well as being a Stiltz customer, acts as brand ambassador for Stiltz Lifts, will be available for OT’s to meet and chat to at the two-day OT Show which takes place on November 22-23.

For information about Stiltz Lifts call 0330 222 0334 or visit the website

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