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Helping mobility scooter and powerchair users travel with ease, a newly-launched “revolution” in mobility transport is looking to make travelling long distances with a mobility aid hassle-free.

With mobility scooters and powerchairs being fairly heavy products, it can be difficult getting them in and out of vehicles for transportation. Often, the mobility device requires two people to load and unload the powerchair or scooter.

For mobility aids that cannot be disassembled or folded, they require a large enough vehicle to accommodate them, which means they need to be pushed up onto a ramp or hoisted into the vehicle.

This can make travelling long distances with a powerchair or mobility scooter off-putting and tricky for people.

However, TriLift is addressing this struggle with a new mobility transport innovation – a lift that attaches to the rear of a vehicle that will raise and hold the mobility device securely and with minimum effort.

The scooter or powerchair is driven to the rear of the vehicle, the lift attaches to a bracket on the side of the device, and by clicking a button, it is risen off the ground and secured in place.

TriLift UK’s managing director Ray Lartey explained: “This is a revolution in Mobility transportation, and I am passionate about this product. I saw it in the USA 6 or 7 years ago and it gave me the wow factor when I saw how easy it was to use.

“It is an honest product that anyone using a mobility scooter / powerchair – would love to have. I believe that 99.9 per cent of people who saw it would buy it.”

The lift can be used on any other suitable vehicle and when not in use for a prolonged period, it can be easily removed for storage. There are three different lifts to suit all types of scooters and powered wheelchairs.

TriLift UK is the sole distributor for this patented product in the United Kingdom and has technicians across the UK who can provide clients with a free, no-obligation demonstration in their home.

For more information about TriLift or to arrange a demonstration, visit the website 

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