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North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust is aiming to improve patient outcomes and reduce recovery times with the roll-out of a new digital technology trial for patients who have had knee replacement surgery.

The technology works by using a motion sensor which, following surgery, the patient wears on their ankle. This then links to a smartphone to provide analysis of the patient’s development, such as how their knee range of movement is progressing and any pain that they may be suffering during their rehabilitation.

This information is then made available to physiotherapists at the NHS Foundation Trust, prior to patients attending for their follow-up physiotherapy sessions, enabling the physiotherapists to closely monitor progress and make any necessary amends.

The Trust hopes that the results will showcase the benefits of a ‘hospital at home’ solution.

Chris Tarn, Senior Clinical Professional at the Trust, said: “We are always looking to improve patient experience and outcomes and whilst this may not be a suitable option for everyone, it’s an excellent addition to the rehabilitation we provide to people following knee surgery.

“We’re confident that this technology will enable patients to leave hospital after surgery with an accurate feedback mechanism that highlights if they are maintaining their progress with rehabilitation through exercise.

“The technology provides instant feedback between patients and our Physiotherapy Team. It enables us to have a clear picture of a patient’s progress or any issues they may be having prior to their physiotherapy appointments. Patients are also able to highlight any physiotherapy concerns to the department whilst in the comfort of their own home via the in app communication.”

Set to finish in October, data from the trial will be evaluated to establish if the technology will be adopted on a more permanent basis.

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