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Caregiver Smart Solutions imageAt CES 2022 – a global exhibition in the US showcasing innovations across a variety of sections – Caregiver Smart Solutions demonstrated its non-invasive remote monitoring technology for elderly people and their carers.

Caregiver Smart Solutions has developed non-invasive sensors that can be placed around a senior’s home. The sensors can pick up a variety of motion-based metrics and relay that information to a carer through an app.

Offering a proactive solution to preventing health issues from emerging, carers are able to see everything from kitchen and dining room motion to the house temperature and humidity. The remote monitoring capability means that people requiring additional support can remain independent in their own homes, with peace of mind for loved ones that the individual is being monitored in case something happens.

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No cameras are placed around the home, and carers can monitor remotely monitor the individual via the accompanying Caregiver Smart Solutions app. It means there are no buttons, voice commands, computer platforms, wearables or changes of habit required.

Carers are able to access insights via the app and sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) about a variety of everyday activities to assess whether the individual is eating enough, taking their medication correctly, going to the toilet frequently, leaving front doors open, and more. The sensors can also spot if the individual has had a potential fall.

As well as enhanced dignity for users, the AI kit is designed to ease pressure off busy carers, as it means they do not have to physically be at the individual’s home to assess their wellbeing.

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