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Aergo, which specialises in postural management seating solutions, is alerting occupational therapists (OTs) and physiotherapists (PTs) who work with children with postural seating needs about a unique opportunity for young wheelchair users to receive a generous discount on the company’s seating system.

The Aergo PS Pioneer Programme provides a 50 percent discount on the company’s automated seating system.

Aergo PS is the world’s first fully responsive postural management seating system.

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Using smart air cell technology, the system uses pressure data to manage and monitor the child’s position as they shift and move throughout the day. The air cells will self-adjust to put the user back in a healthy position in real-time. Children can also use Aergo’s app to adjust the seat themselves, giving them greater control.

Additionally, clinicians can offer remote care for children and young people via the PS Web Portal. They can easily set up postural support levels, monitor and adjust their clients from anywhere, offering a greater level of hands-off support and care.

Aergo PS will be available through NHS Supply Chain from January 2022.

Now, the Aergo PS Pioneer Programme is offering a 50 percent discount on the seating system, plus a set up with the product innovator Sheana for £1,300 excluding VAT. Other benefits include: direct technical support with the Aergo PS team, exclusive Aergo PS merchandise, custom edging on the seating system, innovation workshops, and more.

In return, the child’s parents/carers are asked to provide:

  • Two updates per month (from parent or child) about Aergo PS progression – this can be a voice note, written paragraph, video, drawing, etc.
  • A minimum of four photos per month using the Aergo PS
  • Information about the child using the Aergo PS with their networks

They will also be asked to signpost any enquiries they receive to Aergo. The company says there is flexibility around these requirements when joining the Pioneer Programme.

Find out more about the programme and join here

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