Ottobock UK has launched a new ankle and foot orthosis (AFO), the GoOn, to treat mild drop foot and prevent stumbling.

Ottobock_GoOnThe GoOn is a mild drop foot support that lifts the foot upwards to aid dorsiflexion (the bending of the foot) and allows full torsion movement in the foot without any limitations. This product is suited to help drop foot caused by mild symptoms of a number of conditions such as spinal cord lesions, traumatic brain injuries, as well as stroke survivors and the elderly who have lost some of their ability to lift their foot on their own. It completes Ottobock’s range of drop foot solutions, with a product for every degree of drop foot and every stage of rehabilitation. Clinicians will also appreciate the fact that the GoOn is available as a universal size, minimising inventory requirements.


The pioneering foot support is one of the best for torsion control that is currently available to treat mild drop foot. It also has an innovative adjustable spring filament that can be customised to allow the spring force to be decreased by reducing the filament strength and adjusting the torsion to suit the wearer’s needs. The GoOn delivers a high level of proprioception for the wearer and reduces their risk of stumbling and falling.


The GoOn has been created with high-quality padding making it extremely comfortable and durable. It is easy to use with no fiddly fastenings – washable and very versatile, with the user being able to wear a broad range of footwear or indeed go barefoot. All of these features result in high patient compliance. Further benefits of the GoOn are that it is one size fits all and due to its design, there is no risk of migration.

To find out more, visit the website HERE

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