Ottobock UK has launched the Omo Neurexaplus; the new and improved edition of the popular shoulder brace, the Omo Neurexa.

ottobock_omoThe new Omo Neurexaplus delivers the same functionality and clinical benefits as the well-established Omo Neurexa. Like its predecessor, it can be used from the earliest stage of rehabilitation. The patented function of the orthosis ensures a re-positioning of a displaced shoulder joint and an external rotation of the forearm up to the shoulder, correctly positioning the arm for comfort without restricting its movement. This positioning helps to prevent osteoarthritis in the shoulder joint and ensures the wearer’s posture is in the correct position, which in turn eases spasticity, reduces pain, supports the wearer’s gait and facilitates gait training.


The Omo Neurexaplus is ideal for those suffering from symptoms that are often encountered following a stroke such as paresis, pain and restricted movement in the shoulder area. People who have suffered a cervical disc herniation, experience shoulder pain or dysfunction (including subluxation), or have sustained peripheral nerve damage will also benefit from the use of this product.

Easy application

The unique function of the Omo Neurexa remains but the Omo Neurexaplus has the added benefit of a simple and easy application, allowing the wearer to don and doff the brace single-handed. The Omo Neurexaplus also has the same comfortable, breathable and washable fabric as before but because thanks to its straightforward application it delivers better patient compliance than ever before.

“The specialised designs of the new GoOn and Omo Neurexaplus orthoses provide the stabilisation patients seek to restore quality of life,” said Daniel Gelbart, Commercial Manager – Orthotics and Neurostimulation at Ottobock. “We are delighted that these supportive orthoses, which facilitate movement and help patients regain independence, are now available in the UK.”

To find out more about the Omo Neurexaplus, visit the website HERE

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