Ottobock and Intercel partnership image

Rehabilitation and mobility equipment specialist Ottobock has announced a new battery for its Juvo B5 and B6 powered wheelchairs.

The new battery is the AGM Hybrid Battery 56Ah (C5) CellPower from Intercel, which offers users high-quality and improves the longevity of their chair so they will be able to enjoy the Juvo B5 and B6 Power Wheelchairs in the future.

The Juvo B5 and B6 powerchairs feature a modular design that offers many possibilities for assembling custom-made devices for complex requirements. With front-wheel, mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive, users have the option to choose between the specific driving characteristics and motor powers of three drive types in two frame widths.

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Now, the new battery has over double the amount of charging cycles than its predecessor, Ottobock highlights, reducing the amount of battery replacements and ensuring powerchair users have continued independence.

Ottobock says it is pleased with the year-long research into new battery advances and to announce the partnership with battery manufacturer Intercel.

Established in the UK in 1976, Ottobock supplies innovative and practical solutions that restore human mobility and help people to maintain independence. Its wide product range includes prosthetic and orthotic components, wheelchairs, rehabilitation and mobility products.

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