Sunrise Medical ZIPPIE Sphynx imafe

Sunrise Medical has launched the new ZIPPIE Sphynx i the US, a compact paediatric wheelchair for busy families that are always on the go.

ZIPPIE Sphynx joins Sunrise Medical’s ZIPPIE paediatric mobility line. It is a transportable wheelchair that has static tilt and recline to accommodate various client needs.

The device’s patent-pending one-step fold is easy and intuitive, quickly transforming into a small size that will fit within a compact car’s boost. Weighing 13.6kg, the Sphynx can be easily lifted for hassle-free portability.

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With available tilt angles of 10°, 20°, and 30°, clinicians can select a seat position to accommodate weight shift as needed to support optimal posture. The Sphynx back support can be quickly adjusted from 85° to 100° recline to assist with feeding, digestion, respiratory function, and visual orientation.

To support a broad range of users – from paediatric clients to young adults with diverse mobility needs – numerous adaptable seating and positioning options are available.

“At ZIPPIE, we wanted to design an adaptive stroller that could support active families when they want to get out and explore without compromising seating and positioning,” said Kelsey DiGiacomo, Pediatric Product Manager at Sunrise Medical. “The Sphynx is easy to transport for children who need postural support.”

Tilt allows the client to change their position and shift weight from the pelvis to the back, decreasing the strain of gravity. For children with limited pelvic, thoracic, or head control, this change in positioning helps to reduce the potential of developing postural deviations later in life, the mobility manufacturer states.

Recline opens up the seat-to-back angle which allows a change in position or posture, according to Sunrise Medical. Changing seating angles via tilt and/or recline may assist with feeding, digestion, respiratory function, and visual orientation.

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