WeWALK Smart Cane image

An innovative smart cane is helping people with vision impairments remain independent by warning them about obstacles and hazards as they walk.

The WeWALK Smart Cane is designed to make people with vision impairments feel safe, confident and secure as they walk around by detecting above chest level obstacles. As the cane is fitted with an ultrasonic sensor, when the individual is near an obstacle, the cane will vibrate to warn the user. Obstacle detections include low hanging trees, poles and lampposts.

As well as having integrated obstacle detection, the WeWALK Smart Cane also incorporates Google Maps to help users navigate the outdoors with ease.

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WeWALK Smart Cane image

The clever cane was designed by WeWALK CEO Kursat Ceylan, who has been blind since birth, and a group of Turkish engineers to give visually impaired people who rely on traditional walking canes a more helpful solution.

To give users more options, the Smart Cane can pair with the mobile WeWALK App. By connecting the cane to the app, users can benefit from additional features, such as outdoor navigation and way-finding features, voice control and customisable options. With the customisable features, users can change obstacle detection distance, sound level and more to their individual preferences.

WeWALK Smart Cane also has voice software to inform users of their location, aid in navigating bus stops, and provide general directions.

When paired with the WeWALK app via Bluetooth, the user can manage integrations with WeWALK’s touchpad, without holding their phone. Once paired, users no longer have to hold their phone as they walk around, freeing up the hand that isn’t using the cane.

According to WeWALK, in the future, the cane will be integrated with public transport and smart cities.

You can see the Smart Cane in action in the short video below:

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