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A newly-patented innovation called Levitex is aiming to revolutionise healthcare by providing patients with a versatile sleeping surface which can prevent pressure ulcers, improve neck and spine alignment, and ease neck and back pain.

The support surface uses polyurethane foam technology and, according to the company, has achieved “outstanding” results in clinical trials and live studies, giving life-changing results to patients with acute debilitating conditions.

Levitex underwent an independent clinical trial in June 2018 with the Directorate of Occupational Therapy at The University of Salford and has an eminent Medical Director in Dr Ilan Lieberman, who works as a Pain Medicine Consultant and Clinician with The University Hospitals of South Manchester (UHSM).

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In the laboratory-based experimental study with The University of Salford, the aim was to investigate the interface pressures exhibited on 27 volunteers, aged 20-49, when using the Levitex support surface.

The results revealed that 100 percent of the participants found the Levitex foam mattress comfortable; the surface redistributed pressure effectively; and patients felt more relaxed.

Jo-anne Webb, Directorate of Occupational Therapy at University of Salford, commented: “Pressure sores are a common, costly and physically debilitating health problem, affecting people in both acute care and at home. The development of a pressure ulcer can impact on an individual’s rehabilitation process leading to extended hospital stays.”

Levitex was designed by CEO and Postural Expert James Leinhardt, who strived to create positive change through his experience within the NHS.

Combining a world-renowned specialist in pain medicine, medical device engineering, postural management expertise, specialist chemical engineers and a group of entrepreneurs, Levitex addresses three vital factors that contribute to a better night’s sleep – posture, pressure and proprioception. Levitex says these three factors can vastly improve neck and spine alignment and prevent and ease neck and back pain.

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