Koller PortaWinch image

Wheelchair accessible vehicle products manufacturer Koller has launched PortaWinch, a compact and portable wheelchair winch that has a removable battery designed to mechanically assist with the reliable and smooth loading of a wheelchair and occupant into an adapted vehicle.

Detachable from the vehicle floor when fitted with a rail, PortaWinch can be stored away when not in use and easily transferred to other vehicles or used for assistance up and down a driveway or access ramp.

Dean Koller, Director at Koller, said: “PortaWinch is the perfect solution to safely assist wheelchair users through the ramp barrier to access the vehicle all at the touch of a button.

“It has been designed to be compact and able to fit any vehicle with the simple addition of a short piece of floor rail.

“Most notably it is portable so it can be transferred with ease. This means that it does not require specialised and permanent fitting. The winch has many benefits and features including a 250 kg loading capacity and anti-roll back mechanism to make it extremely safe and efficient when in use.”

PortaWinch encompasses two wireless remote controls, with one small enough to be conveniently fitted to a keyring so it is always to hand. It has the extra security and safety features of ceasing winch operation if an obstruction is detected or if over-load is sensed.

Furthermore, the winch is equipped with an anti-roll back feature to prevent the wheelchair from moving backwards when stationary on the ramp.

Koller regards PortaWinch as the ideal solution to easily transfer wheelchair passengers into vehicles and aids attendants to do so safely and efficiently.

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