WheelAir V2 on the Precision Rehab Paravan PR50 powerchair image

WheelAir, the company behind the pioneering cooling cushion for wheelchairs to stop the client from sweating and overheating, has collaborated with powerchair specialist Precision Rehab to create a bespoke solution for a powered wheelchair user.

It is the first time the two companies have worked together, which saw the V2 WheelAir cushion integrated on a bespoke Paravan PR50 powerchair.

Using feedback from users and healthcare professionals, WheelAir announced its new and upgraded V2 cushion last year, which gives users greater choice with more fan speeds, a choice of seating system, a new wireless remote, and 24-hour battery life.

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Since its inception in 2016, WheelAir was the first temperature control system designed specifically for wheelchairs. The innovative cooling technology has been a refreshing and effective solution for wheelchair users struggling with overheating and over sweating.

Now the company as teamed up with Precision Rehab to create a bespoke powered wheelchair solution.

WheelAir V2 on the Precision Rehab Paravan PR50 powerchair image

Precision Rehab was established in 2015 to address the lack of specialist powered wheelchairs available in the UK.

The Precision Rehab Paravan PR50 powerchair boasts a wide variety of features including three different headrest options, a multifunctional joystick control, lift function, adjustable armrests and footrests, seat slide and the ability to turn on the spot.

As part of the assessment and design process for a bespoke Paravan PR50, Matthew James at Precision Rehab contacted WheelAir to ask if it would be possible to integrate WheelAir into the back of the powerchair without impacting or losing any of the functions, such as electric recline and adjustable lumber supports.

According to WheelAir, the project has been a “resounding success”, with Precision Rehab’s client being pleased with their new bespoke Paravan PR50 powerchair with a WheelAir adjustable airflow system.

WheelAir says it looks forward to collaborating with Precision Rehab again in the future.

To learn more about WheelAir, visit the website: https://wheelair.co.uk/

To find out more about Precision Rehab, visit the website: http://www.precisionrehab.co.uk/

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