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A new educational and interactive online resource has been launched for clinicians and healthcare providers surrounding pressure area care, which is designed to provide vital training, support and information.

Direct Healthcare Group has launched the online resource for clinicians and healthcare providers on pressure ulcer prevention and management to coincide with this year’s Stop The Pressure Awareness Day.

Taking place on 19 November 2020, Stop The Pressure Awareness Day is an annual event that aims to increase awareness and understanding of pressure ulcer prevention and the negative effects it has on patients.

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To support this year’s pressure awareness day, Direct Healthcare Group has introduced an interactive Ethos Webcast series for clinicians and healthcare providers.

The educational webinars cover a range of pressure area care topics, including pressure area care technology, how pressure ulcers form, categorising pressure ulcers, and microclimate and the effect of moisture on the skin.

Each webcast will also benefit from the extensive knowledge of Jacqui Fletcher OBE, an independent nurse consultant who is currently contracted to help develop strategic projects at NHSI for NHS England.

Jacqui has held various senior positions including Senior Professional Tutor in the Section of Wound Healing, Department of Dermatology and Wound Healing, Cardiff University, and Principal Lecturer in The School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work at the University of Hertfordshire and has recently been awarded an OBE for her services to wound care.

Hosted via Zoom, the Ethos Webcasts run for around 30 minutes, which are then followed by 15-30 minutes of a live Q&A with Jacqui.

Clinicians and healthcare providers are urged to register for the webcasts as quickly as possible, as spaces are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Currently, there are four webcasts available for healthcare professionals, running throughout November and December.

The first webinar – ‘Under Pressure – The Fundamentals of Pressure Area Care’ – is taking place on Wednesday 18 November from 12-1pm. This educational session covers how pressure ulcers form, why pressure ulcer prevention is so important, technology and its importance, tracking pressure ulcers, and whether pressure ulcers are inevitable.

On Wednesday 25 November, ‘The Prevention of Pressure Ulcers using the aSSKINg bundle’ will run from 12-1pm. This webinar will explore how pressure ulcers can be prevented, how clinicians should assess the skin for pressure ulcers, surface selection and use, moisture on the skin, and categorising pressure ulcers.

The first webinar running in December – ‘Everything But Pressure – The Role of Shear, Friction and Microclimate in Skin Integrity’ – will take place on Wednesday 2 December from 12-1pm. This interactive webcast looks at the effects of pressure and shear, envelopment and immersion, cell deformation, and microclimate and the effect of moisture on the skin.

The final webinar will run on Wednesday 9 December from 12-1pm, entitled ‘Managing The Pressure – Performing and Utilising An Appropriate Risk Assessment’. This Direct Healthcare Group webinar will consider risk assessment – process and factors, risk assessment tools, and skin assessment as part of a risk assessment.

To register for an Ethos Webcast, click here

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